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What is Doula?

What is Doula?

The word “doula” comes from an Ancient Greek word that means “a female servant.” A doula’s sole purpose is to serve women and their support team before, during, and after their births. Doulas give pregnant women and their partners/family emotional and physical support throughout the entire pregnancy all the way to the transition into motherhood.

Can You Provide Medical Care?

Doulas are not medical care providers like a midwife or doctor. They cannot perform medical tasks, but they are here to help in other ways. You may not know which doctor or midwife will be at your birth, but a doula remains constant as a source of comfort and stability during your pregnancy, birth, and post-partum. Doulas provide resources for information and services that pertain to you, so that you can take charge of your health, make your own decisions, and prepare for baby. Doulas are a listening ear for your birth plans, your excitement, and also for your fears.

How can you help?

Doulas are trained to help you manage pain during birth and to provide comfort to both you and your partner/family during the birth. Most important, a doula is someone who wants to empower you not only to be informed during your pregnancy, but to feel confident in your abilities during birth and motherhood.

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What do you do once hired?

I offer a minimum of 2 prenatal visits and 1 postpartum visit as well as attendance at your birth.

*During the prenatal visit, I will take the time to get to know you. I encourage you to bring your partner, friend or family member(s) that will be attending your birth, so that we can all talk together. This is the perfect time to ask your doula questions, talk about your hopes and fears, and work on your birth plans. During this visit, I will address any concerns you have and will be able to provide you with resources that can help you with a variety of topics, including health, nutrition, and how to prepare for the baby.

*When you go into labor, I can help or suggest pain coping techniques that you can try at home before going into the hospital, as well as once you get there. Once active labor begins, I will be there for the duration of the birth to provide comfort to you and your support team. I will typically stay for around an hour after the baby is born if you would like me to, and during this time I can help you with breastfeeding if that is what you choose to do.

*During the postpartum visit, I will answer any questions that you have about your recovery, newborn care, breastfeeding or anything else that you would like to discuss.

What are the benefits of having a Doula?

Numerous clinical studies have found that a doula’s presence at birth tends to result in shorter labors with fewer complications reduces negative feelings about one’s childbirth experience reduces the need for pitocin (a labor-inducing drug), forceps or vacuum extraction, and cesareans reduces the mother’s request for pain medication and/or epidurals.

Research shows parents who receive support can:
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What if I do not plan on having an unmedicated birth?

“A doula is very beneficial for everyone, no matter what type of birth experience they plan for themselves. Even if you plan to have pain medication or have a scheduled c-section, doulas are there to support and comfort you. Doulas are NOT just for people who want to have an unmedicated birth, and they have many benefits for everyone no matter what their birth outcome. My goal as a doula is to make sure that you have the best experience possible.”